About J. Stephen Wine


Tory J. Chlanda

Tory literally learned the wine business from the ground up—by designing and planting a 70+-acre premium vineyard in Tuscany, Italy (and falling in love with winemaking and viticulture, in the process).

Tory was brought in to that project as an outside expert, after designing, installing, and maintaining residential and commercial landscapes in the Northeast United States, where he has owned and operated a top-tier Design-Build Landscape company for 17 years.

In a yearly tradition started a few years back he and his California-based brother and J. Stephen partner/winemaker Trevor have been harvesting olives in the Fall and having them pressed to produce Olive oil that share and use in their homes for the coming year. It was during one of their yearly harvest they decided to partner up and begin making wine.

With his extensive experience running a company he is no stranger to carving out a distinct niche in a crowded market and a veteran of both online and real-world marketing. Tory is eager for the challenge of marketing and managing a new premium winery with his brother.

Tory J. Chlanda