About J. Stephen Wine

J. Stephen Wine
Combining Old World thinking and modern day methods
to hand-craft fine wine

For six vintages, the partners of J. Stephen Wine have worked with some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay throughout California's cool-climate regions. With exacting attention to detail, we learned how to coax delicate Pinots and luscious Chardonnays from meticulously farmed vineyards, in a style dictated by the exceptional wineries we had the privilege to work with. In 2011, we decided to strike out on our own, take the experience we had gained, and continue to craft extraordinary wines—but now, with the methods of our own choosing.

To start, we sought grapes—and, more importantly, people—to share a special partnership. These amazing growers are truly the cornerstone of J. Stephen, for without their care and attention, the wines would not be nearly as outstanding!

In 2011, we crafted five different wines, each representing a niche in the California canon—throwbacks to a different time, when balance was key, and subtlety held sway.

With minimal intervention in the winery and a deft touch, the wines of J. Stephen prove that exceptional quality can be attained through careful winemaking and an attitude that pairs top quality with relaxed good fun. Our wines are crafted using methods that express the uniqueness of each site and varietal—and in 2011, without the use of new oak. Through this process, we hope to express the individuality of each wine, showcasing its flavor, rather than the characters of its barrel. At J. Stephen, we look to make wine that we want to drink, and trust that you will enjoy them as much as we do!